Personalized client service

PREMIOSTAFF is recognized for our outstanding service to each and every one of our clients. 

We specialize in Temporary Staffing, Direct Hire, Contract to Hire and Customized Staffing Solutions. We have gained a deep knowledge of the intricacies of the local job market and the whole Canada in general.

At PremioStaff, we take pride in the work we do by pre-qualifying and to select and good candidates to join our family. We will make sure the candidate/s will fit the position/s requested for. We garanty a replacement or a portion of the commission.  

PremioStaff would like to build a strong relationship with you and become your main supplier in terms of stuffing. 

Benefits working with us

  • Flexible workforce: We can supply one person for one day or a team for a long term assignment.
  • Staff provided at a short notice
  • Office opened Monday to Saturday to enable assistance whenever needed. For after hours, please call: 604…………2080 or email info@premiostaff.com
  • Plus, with years of industry experience, we have invaluable understanding of what to expect from all our workers and how they need to be treated. 

Experienced Applicant Pool

Our clients benefit from our ability to connect to a diverse group of experienced, qualified and dedicated applicants. With a constant influx of new talent, we have built a significant applicant pool database. Drawing from this exceptional network enables us to select the highest caliber candidates to fit your business and culture.

Dedicated Recruiters

PREMIOSTAFF is experienced in the staffing industry, we are experts at evaluating talent and managing client relationships. Additionally, given we experience very low recruiter turnover, we are able to provide our clientele with unparalleled continuity and quality of service—one of the many reasons we’ve been recognized as one of Vancouver strusted staffing firms.